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What is URL Redirection?
  • URL Redirection allows those of you with a long ugly URL, such as http://somelongstupid-domain.com/~name/index.html to have a short URL that will automatically redirect web surfers to your real page.
Will both www.myname.me.ly and myname.me.ly work?
  • Yes.
Why do I need this service?
  • If you intend to advertise your website in the traditional media, 'yourname.me.ly' is more punchy and easy to remember than most other URLs. That means your promotional campaigns will be more effective and you will increase your exposure on the Web. Also, .com domains are completely saturated, and the best alternative is a has.it URL.
  • If you are soon to lose or change your present Internet address, a has.it URL is the perfect solution for a permanent Internet address. If you change your provider, lose your account at school or change work all you need to do is change your forwarding address at has.it to the new location.
Do I get some space on your server?
  • You DON'T get any space on our server. We are not like Fortunecity. We just redirect. You will have to take care of your web pages yourself.
What is my ftp-username / ftp-server / password?
  • We don't offer any webspace. Only URL redirection to existing sites. So no FTP needed.
Can I use your URLs in SPAM?
  • No!!
  • me.ly will investigate any complaints about a me.ly domain address that are being used for this purpose.
  • We will immediately shut down requests coming from authorised sources (like SpamCop and other).
Is there any advertising??
  • No!!
  • No Popup !!
  • No Adbar !!
Is this service free?
  • Yes, totally free.
  Is there any delay?
  • Using a id.me.ly induces a delay from 0,01~0.1 sec. and upwards. Once the user is at your site, there is no extra delay. As you probably know, the actual time taken to access a website varies widely. The biggest variables in that time are the bandwidth of the server where your web is located and how well the user is connected.

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